DFD Prioritisation

Recently I happened to try out a new prioritisation technique at one of the clients and the group found it really helpful. I am going to call it – “DFD prioritisation”.

Most of the product management teams in agile environment are used to hearing MVP, MOSCOW prioritisation techniques but often find it difficult to categorise different epics/stories in “Must, Should, Could or Would have” categories.

In an attempt to ease this I suggested using “DFD prioritisation” where DFD stands for –

Delighters – Features which will delight the customers.

Frills – Features which customers will like but can live without for the first release.

Disgustors – Features which customers will absolutely hate.

I used it in conjunction with the popular “Prune the product tree” exercise by Innovation Games. Instead of placing features on leaves and branches, we used the DFD level of priorities on the product tree. Teams found it quite easy to classify the features into one of the DFD categories! Done!

Next time, I’m going to use big posters with DFD sections on the product tree!

DFD Prioritization


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