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Experience wall – not just a story wall!

Since the time I worked on an interesting time boxed, rapid prototyping engagement with a client based out of London, I’ve been an advocate of making everything visual in the team room. For me, story walls were done and dusted, although there are quite a few benefits of using story walls, they’ve become a stereotype. Just with a little creativity there’s so much more you can get out of them.

Here’s how to get started with an “experience wall”:

Demand wall

Start with the product backlog. I’ve always had hard time visually representing the product backlog. How do we make sure that the product management, development and iteration/project management team quickly gets “just enough” information about what they’re working towards? If your team is working on multiple user goals in a release, how do we keep track of the progress on each of them? Here are the variations I’ve tried

IMG_1994 IMG_2095

Supply wall

This could be the simplified version of your sprint/iteration wall. The specific one in example was for a rapid prototyping, 6 week product idea validation engagement. This essentially serves as a radiator for the development team so depending on the extend of visibility desired, you can tweak the columns.


What we’ll get

Now this is something really interesting. None of the workspaces I had seen earlier ever thought about “visually highlighting” what the product/development/UI/UX team is working towards. Often times, the team only knows about it during sprint/iteration showcase. With this section on your experience wall, you can now visualize the progress, customer feedback, focus areas on wireframes.


Experience wall

Once you bring all these together on a big wall, side-by-side, you’ve set up “experience wall”, not just a story wall! Now forget about waiting for iteration showcases to demo your progress, just walk your customer/team through the wall everyday during standup/scrum meeting and you’ve covered pretty much everything that team’s working on!

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 12.49.45 PM


PS – Thanks @Ian carroll ( and @barry ( for the inspiration and ideas while getting this in action!